DeSantis Throws Criticism At Hosts Of ‘The View’ Over Claims That He Scams Donors

Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis clapped back against the hosts of “The View” after they insinuated that he was attempting to scam his donors by claiming that he makes use of an auto-donate feature located on the website of his campaign.

While making an appearance on the extreme left-wing talk show “The View,” from ABC, Alyssa Farah Griffin listened in on the talk going on about the massive success DeSantis has managed to have in his fundraising efforts by suggesting, “What a lot of these apps and websites do is you click to give once and it actually signs you up to recurringly give. It is so unfair; it is a grift, it is terrible; it is horrible.”

“I got accused by some of these people on one of these shows about, oh you know, he’s raising all of this … and they tried to say that we had auto-donate, where it keeps going every month. We do not do that,” exclaimed DeSantis in response.

“We do not do that auto because we don’t want people to have these charges if that’s not something they didn’t agree with,” DeSantis asserted. “So they tried to act like I was doing that and then some of these media went and said, ‘Wait a minute, he’s not doing that.’ So they were lying about that.”

“At the end of the day, we have folks, some people are on fixed income, very limited, and they will donate a certain amount and that’s very meaningful. Not everybody has the capacity to write these big (checks) … we would never do automatic unless you personally as the contributor, press that button,” he went on.

“And so I think it’s very important, particularly as Republicans, when you’re raising money amongst your own people, that you’re doing it in a way that has honesty. And so if my name is being used to trick people into providing donations for something that they don’t necessarily want to do, that is definitely wrong,” he stated with finality.

“The View” had surmised that by the time Florida held its gubernatorial elections in November, DeSantis will have been able to amass over $200 million. Co-host Sunny Hostin exclaimed, “Who are these people giving money to these people.”

After the comment from Friggin, another of the co-host Whoopi Goldberg chimed in, “There is a grift involved in this. Oh, no!”

A large chunk of the liberal media has been attempting to attack DeSantis over the past few years by trying to smear him.

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