DeSantis Calls Out Biden For Blocking School Lunch Program Over Gender Ideology Add-On

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has issued a promise to fight after a series of new reports comes to light that state that President Joe Biden and officals within his administration harbored plans to fix the funding for school lunch programs onto policies that striclty clung to extreme and radical gender ideology.

Lauding the 2022-2023 “Freedom First Budget” for his state, DeSantis claimed that he would be personally making sure that Florida was set to fight back against the Biden administration if they cut funding for the public school lunch programs because of his state’s stance that bars all teachers from giving classroom instruction concerning sexual identity and gender identity to kids in kindergarten through third grade.

“In Florida, we are fighting against Biden’s intentionally destructive policies like denying school lunches for states that refuse to implement woke gender ideology in the schools,” stated DeSantis in a tweet this past Sunday.


“We’re prepared for what Biden throws our way,” stated DeSantis. “And, you know, yes, part of it’s the inflation and the gas — part of it are intentionally destructive policies like trying to deny school lunch programs for states that don’t do transgender ideology in the schools, I mean, give me a break!”

“Totally off his rocker to be doing that,” DeSantis went on. “We’re fighting on that, don’t worry. So we’re just prepared to be able to defend the taxpayers and the hard-working people in the state of Florida, and I couldn’t be prouder for doing that.”

DeSantis seemed to be responding to reports that Biden was currently planning to tie all of the programs that give low-cost or free lunches to kids onto state and school policies, making the demand that they stick to extreme transgender and non-discrimination policies.

As stated by the USDA, the move comes in the wake of the rapid expansion by the Biden administration, by executive order, of Title IX to also pertain to any discrimination that would be based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

“Schools awarded money from the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS), an agency within USDA, must specify in their policies that discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation is prohibited, the department announced in May. It also said allegations of such discrimination must be investigated,” read a report from Fox News.

Isan Prior, the Fight for Schools Executive Director, stated to Fox News, “What you’re seeing here is really the Biden administration saying, ‘You’re going to do what I want or I’m going to take your lunch money.’ For the federal government to come in and really tie school nutrition and school lunch programs to this radical ideology is terrifying, and it’s appalling.”

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