Dan Crenshaw Calls Out Tucker Carlson Over Horrible Comments

Dan Crenshaw, a well-known Texas Republican, fired back at Fox News host Tucker Carlson, calling the cable news host who labeled him “Eyepatch McCain” a “gross human being.”

A former Navy SEAL who lost the use of his right eye while serving in Afghanistan, and now wears a patch over the scar, was able to get his jab in while still making sure to defend Carlson. While many of those on the left-wing are throwing blame at Carlson for the racially charged shooting that took place this past Saturday in Buffalo, New York that left ten dead and 3 injured in a grocery store, Crenshaw said that this horrid white supremacist gunman is solely responsible for the entirety of his own actions.

“Like, I hate Tucker Carlson. I despise him. But he didn’t cause this, right?” stated Crenshaw in an interview with The Hill. “Like, I think he’s a gross human being. Doesn’t mean that his rhetoric caused it. This was caused by a legitimately crazy person.”

While this defense may seem backhanded, it is important to remember that Carlson very recently mocked Crenshaw in a segment of his Monday evening show, drawing a parallel between him and late Republican Sen. John McCain, who Carlson claimed was a neoconservative who entirely supported the use of U.S. intervention around the globe. Crenshaw spoke out earlier in an interview on Fox News in order to show support for the $40 billion humanitarian and military aid package slated to head over to Ukraine and downplayed the suggestion that it was at odds with attempting to deal with the crisis surrounding a baby formula shortage that is hurting the U.S.

Do you know how much baby formula $40 billion can buy? None,” Crenshaw stated to Trey Gowdy, a Fox News guest host and former Republican Rep.

Carlson, who has previously been quite adamant in his stance concerning opposing any and all aid packages being sent to Ukraine, later quite vocally announced his disagreement and ended up creating the new nickname for Crenshaw.

“The more I think about it, it takes a lot of gall for eyepatch McCain to attack moms who are worried about baby formula as pro-Russia,” Carlson went on to state to his guest, Tulsi Gabbard.

Crenshaw initially dismissed Carlson’s juvenile insult.

“You hurl juvenile insults when you know you’ve lost the debate…I stand by every word I said,” stated Crenshaw.

Many of Carlson’s die-hard fans took the new name and ran with it, creating many tweets and memes, all the while most others across the media and on both sides of the aisle expressed condemnation for the statement.

“The guy gave an eye in service to our country,” stated @Dr.Bertha Ph.D. in a tweet. “Love you, Tucker, but this was out of line. Do better (even if you’re right).”

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