Chuck Todd Called Out By GOP NH Governor For Claiming Voters Should Be More Worried About ‘Election Denial’ Than Inflation

Chris Sununu, the Republican Governor of New Hampshire, went back and forth against Chuck Todd with NBC News about just what voters should be worried about throughout this election cycle.

While speaking on the Sunday edition of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Sununu was prompted to explain his strong support of U.S. Senate candidate Don Bolduc, who is a Republican that is currently running to try and kick Todd out in order to represent New Hampshire who labeled Bolduc an “election denialist.”

Sununu shot back, going after Todd for his extremely out-of-touch for claiming that voters should put much more emphasis on the 2020 elections results and on what he calls “threats to democracy” instead of worrying about heating their homes this winter or bringing in food for their families.

“Why are you supporting an election denialist, and do you think the inflation issue is enough to sort of rationalize support for somebody who thinks [that way]?” questioned Todd.

“I love you, Chuck, but you are in a bubble if you think anybody is talking about what happened in 2020 or talking about Mar-a-Lago and all that,” answered Sununu. “I know the press loves to talk about it, but people are talking about what is happening in their pocketbooks every single day, when they have to buy groceries, or fill up gas.”

“Look I get that Governor,” exclaimed Tod to interrupt. “Should they be?”

“Should they be?” fired back Sununu, seemingly highly taken aback. “Of course! Oh my gosh, Chuck, this is hitting people, they’re having trouble paying their mortgage, they’re having trouble making car payments because of bad policies out of Washington. Should they be?”

“The beauty of the American system is that every voter has the right, and almost the responsibility, to be selfish with their vote, to vote for what is best for themselves and their family,” he went on. “That’s exactly what’s going to happen in a week…because frankly, folks that think the average voter is worried about 2020, it’s a serious issue, of course, but it’s not what people are going to be voting on in the next week.”

When pressed once again on the original question, Sununu stated that “threats to democracy” are very serious issues that must be addressed, but the nation’s voters should be heavily concerned with much more pressing local issues and the economy.

“It’s 35 degrees out [in New England],” stated Sununu. “Folks are filling up their 270-gallon [home heating oil] tanks, and it’s costing them ($1200-$1300). Kerosene is limited because there’s no incentive to create more natural gas or more fuel for this country, and that should be our priority: keeping people warm this winter.”

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