Candace Owens Speaks Up About Recent ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirts Incident

This past Monday, Candace Owens stated that it was originally Kanye West’s idea to show up to the Paris fashion show wearing the now-famous “White Lives Matter” shirts, and added that she understood instantly just what west was attempting to say.

On Friday, both West and Owens kicked off a firestorm online when they went out on the show floor wearing the shirts at Paris Fashion Week, flanked by models sporting clothing all emblazoned with the same inversion of the slogan Black Lives Matter.

“I did it because Kanye called me and he said that he needed me to be there at the show, and he needed me to be a part of the show,” Owens explained to Fox News host Tucker Carlson. “When he told me what he had in mind, wearing these t-shirts  — which, by the way,  he told me the day of — I instantly understood what he was trying to do and what the artistic expression was.”

“What is offered was a stunning commentary on the hypocrisy of the society that we live in,” expressed Owens. “For years we were told that ‘black lives matter’ was not an exclusionary phrase.”

Despite the statements, when the shirts were worn, both West and Owens were labeled as racists and even accused of violence.

“We put on a t-shirt to actually do something that was inclusive, to say, actually, white Americans, you are allowed to be a part of this, too, because literally all lives matter — and, in fact, no lives have been mattering,” she stated.

“Black Americans are suffering as a result of black lives matter,” Owens went on. “We know that their neighborhoods have been rioted, and in inner city communities, businesses have been moving out of there. The result of Black Lives Matter has been white supremacy.”

“We got to say all of that with one t-shirt,” she continued.

Just last week Owens made sure to also defend the move by calling on those criticising the issue to stop focusing on the shirt and instead think about the real issues to the black community such as obesity, abortion, the breakdown of the family, and extreme black-on-black crimes.

“If ‘black lives matter,’ then some of these things that we have been talking about on this show, things I’ve been talking about throughout my entire political career, would be getting attention, not the t-shirt,” Ownes claimed via the Tuesday episode of her podcast.

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