Biden Raises Eyebrows With Recent Choice To Grant A Series Of Pardons

This past Friday, Old Uncle Joe chose to issue a series of six full pardons to certain individuals who had already served sentences for the crimes they had been convicted of committing.

These end-of-the-year pardons were issued to people who were convicted of crimes which range from various drug-related charges all the way to murder.

80-year-old Beverly Ann Ibn-Tamas was convicted of second-degree murder while armed for killing her husband back when she was 33 years old. Ibn-Tamas, who had been pregnant at the time of the murder, stated in her testimony that her husband both threatened and beat her just before she killed him.

“During her trial, the court refused to allow expert testimony regarding battered woman syndrome, a psychological condition and pattern of behavior that develops in victims of domestic violence,” explained a statement from the White House staff. “Ms. Ibn-Tamas was ultimately sentenced to a term of one to five years’ incarceration, with credit for time served. Ms. Ibn-Tamas’s appeal marked one of the first significant steps toward judicial recognition of battered woman syndrome, and her case has been the subject of numerous academic studies.”

Ibn-Tamas later ended up as the Director of Nursing for an Ohio-based healthcare business where she still works to this day.

72-year-old John Dix Nock III officially pled guilty to a single count of renting and making available for use, as an owner, a facility for the express purpose of creating marijuana plants, explained officials of the White House. As of writing the man now mentors young men while running a general contracting firm.

50-year-old Edward Lincoln De Coito III was issued a pardon concerning a marijuana trafficking conspiracy charge he had been convicted of at the age of 23. After serving just about one year and a half in prison, he worked as both a pilot and an electrician. He also served as a soldier in the U.S. Army.

77-year-old Charlie Byrnes Jackson officially pled guilty to one count of possession and sale of distilled spirits without tax stamps at the ripe old age of 18. He is now an active member of his church and has kept a solid track record of assisting those people in need.

37-year-old Vincente Ray Flores was originally convicted of taking ecstasy and alcohol whole being an active duty member of the military. After serving his sentence, along with a number of other penalties, he was able to go back onto active duty where he has been issued a large number of awards and continues to serve as of writing.

66-year-old Gary Parks Davis officially pled guilty at the age of 22 to making use of a communication facility (a telephone) to facilitate an unlawful cocaine transaction. Davis officially served a sentence of six months carried out on nights and weekends at a jail for the county, the statement explained. Additionally, the man went on to get a bachelor’s degree which resulted in his owning a landscaping company.


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