Biden Makes Insane Statement Mocking And Belittling ‘People Of Color’

This past Wednesday evening, President Joe Biden (D) seemingly suggested that airlines were taking part in wholesale racial discrimination due to charging extra for seats that sported more legroom, stating that “people of color” were the ones more heavily impacted by the additional price and other fees.

Old Uncle Joe was speaking to what he labeled as “junk fees” — meaning things such as “processing fees” on concert ticket and additional booking fees added by various hotels and resorts, all the way to the fee charged by airlines to make sure you get a seat that sports slightly more leg room between the seat bought and the one directly ahead of it — and he attempted to state that those types of fees disproportionately impacted those that were dealing with lower levels oof income along with “people of color” wholesale.


“Some airlines, if you want six more inches between you and the seat in front, you pay more money, but you don’t know it until you purchase your ticket,”  stated Biden. “Look, folks, these are junk fees – they’re unfair and they’re hitting marginalized Americans the hardest, especially low-income folks and people of color. They benefit big corporations, not consumers, not working families. And that changes now.”

Kira Davis, the Deputy Managing Editor for Red State, was fast to put the president on blast for the comments that she stated looked to be just a new strategy for the Democrats. “Tell me the last thing you did … and add ‘people of color hardest hit.’ That seems to be the Democrat strategy these days … just tack on ‘people of color’ to any old statement. I just made a sandwich. #PeopleOfColorHardestHit.

“Airline ticketing is now ‘racist.’ Easy for a dude to say who flies an Air Force 747-200 to Delaware every weekend. Has there ever been a more tone deaf president?” posited Buzz Patterson with Red State.

“Is Biden saying people of color are all poor??” questioned @HodgeTwins. “Never knew seats on an airplane were racist.”

Jim Geraghty with the National Review stated, “Less than 2 weeks until the midterm elections, and the president of the United States is in Washington, talking about the amount of legroom on airlines.”

“Sometimes it feels like @JoeBiden saw that old Eddie Murphy ‘White Like Me’ SNL skit and didn’t realize it was satire,” stated radio host KC O’Dea.

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs (former WWE wrestler Kane) chimed in with a joke of his own, stating, “I have long felt that airline seating is extraordinarily unfair to oversized people such as myself and warrants Federal intervention. Thanks to @POTUS for giving this crucial issue the attention it deserves. (For those lacking a sense of humor, this is called sarcasm.)”


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