Biden Gets Called Out On Twitter By YouTuber-Turned Boxer Jake Paul

It can be reasonably concluded from the recent statements on Twitter from YouTuber-turned-pro boxer Jake Paul that he is not much of a fan of President Joe Biden.

The professional boxer, who sports a whopping 4.3 million followers on Twitter, gave his thoughts on the recent performance of the president via a Tweet this past Saturday that highlighted all of Biden’s accomplishments in office. The list of accomplishments included surging inflation, plummeting cryptocurrency values, record-shattering gas prices, spiking rents, and the inception of a “new incomprehensible language.”

“If you’re reading this and voted for Biden and you still don’t regret it then you are the American problem,” stated Paul in conclusion to his Tweet.

Just last week, the price of gas broke the $5 per gallon mark on average across the country for the first time in American history. Many conservatives have put the blame on Biden for heavily restricting all drilling and strongarm style pushing an intensely liberal environmental agenda that wants to move America off of all fossil fuels.

The tweet from Paul managed to get well over 100,000 likes, but supporters of Biden fired back by claiming that he was entirely out of line. Many claimed to him that Biden is entirely powerless to stabilize soaring fuel costs.

Taylor Lorenz, a reporter with the Washington Post, was caught off guard that Paul’s “third biggest critique of the administration is the price of crypto going down.”

Paul just may be watching Biden so closely to assist in the planning of his own highly unlikely and quite distant bid for the Oval office. Just last year, he stated in an interview with Overtime that he and Logan, his older brother, plan to make a bid for president in 2032 although the idea still seems to be still in the infancy stages.

“I’m running for president, but I’m not even 35 yet,” he stated, highlighting the minimum age limit set in place by the Constitution. “My brother and I are running for president in 2032. That’s when we’ll be eligible.”

“We’re still figuring it out. I might be president, he might,” Paul went on. “I think we’re gonna flip a coin and see who gets to be the president versus vice president.”

Until such time, Paul seems entirely focused on his career in the ring, which was also thought to be entirely unlikely given his reputation as just a YouTube prankster before then. Currently, his next fight will be happening on the 6th of August out in New York City’s Madison Square Garden. As of writing, he holds a record of 5-0 with knockouts recorded for each fight.

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