America’s Allies Chime In About The Recent SCOTUS Abortion Decision

The various leaders of the foreign countries allied with the United States have been announcing their sadness concerning the recent Supreme Court decision that went out on Friday that officiated the overturning of Roe v. Wade and effectively sent the decision-making power back down to the state legislature level.

Longtime allies of America, such as Canada, France, and the United Kingdom, have had their leaders all speak out against the American high court’s choice concerning the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

Justin Trudeau, the extremely liberal Prime Minister of Canada, stated that the recent decision was “horrific.”

“My heart goes out to the millions of American women who are now set to lose their legal right to an abortion. I can’t imagine the fear and anger you are feeling right now,” he claimed in a tweet. “No government, politician, or man should tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body.”

He stated to reporters that this choice was a “devastating setback.”

Before this recent decision came down, a Canadian official stated that Americans would be more than welcome to head to Canada to get their abortion treatments.

“I don’t see why we would not,” stated Karona Gould, the Minister of Families head of Canada, to CBS News. “If they, people, come here and need access, certainly, you know, that’s a service that would be provided.”

As of writing, Canada does not have any sort of federal restriction concerning abortions, and women can abort their unborn children at any stage of their pregnancy. Abortions are also publically funded by the country.

Emmanuel Macron, the Prime Minister of France, stated that this choice from SCOTUS was entirely undermining the “liberties” of women.

“Abortion is a fundamental right for all women. It must be protected. I wish to express my solidarity with the women whose liberties are being undermined by the Supreme Court of the United States,” he claimed in a tweet.

For those in France, abortions for any reason are available, but only for the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. The law that was upheld by SCOTUS in Dobbs put a limit on abortions after 15 weeks, while states such as New York and California have even more liberal abortion laws than are seen in France.

The prime minister of Britain, Boris Johnson, stated a quite similar sentiment as was stated by Trudeau, saying that the ruling was a “big step backward.”

“I’ve always believed in a woman’s right to choose, and I stick to that view,” stated Johnson, “And that’s why the U.K. has the laws that it does.”

Across the countries of  Wales, England, and Scotland, women have access to abortions up to 24 weeks if a pair of doctors agree that abortion would be the best result for the mental and physical health of the woman instead of having the baby. Outside of that window, there are certain circumstances when abortions are allowed.

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