10 Hilarious Times President Biden Has Been Fact Checked

If you don’t know by now, our commander in chief has, much like wooden puppets before him, been known to tell a fib or 2. But this goes back way before he somehow managed to become president. You see old Joe has been weaving whoppers for decades.

There’s the elusive Cornpop tale – where took on the cereal killer and his gang of breakfast buddies at the pool with nothing more than the hair on his legs.

Let’s not forget the illustrious tale of his genius on college, his self touted brilliance about being at the top, having multiple degrees, all of which were false. I believe that was the same time he so graciously told a man in the audience that he was  smarter than he. Even back then, Joe had an odd way of trying to sway voters.

Anyway. That doesn’t even scratch the surface. Read on for 10 times Joe Biden was hilariously fact-checked. You’ll laugh til you cry!

1. Americans Are Better Off Now And They Know It

In the middle of paying $6 for a dozen eggs and $5 for the gallon of gas used to collect them, Biden let this whopper rip. He said that Americans were better off financially than they were under the previous administration. ” I think they know they’re better off than they were before. It’s a fact”.

Well, a simple fact check of the misery index proves otherwise. The misery index combines inflation and unemployment. Under Trump the misery index was 6.9, at the time Biden stated this untruth the misery index was at 10.9. As of August 2023 it had fallen to 7.4, but it’s been as high as 11.2 during the Biden presidency.

Though unemployment is slightly lower, most of that comes from jobs that were recovered post pandemic, not created as Biden often states. The poverty rate is also hovering at 12.4%, up from 7.8% in 2021.

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