Trump Headed To South Dakota

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is reportedly being considered as a possible running mate for former President Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election.

Sources close to Trump and Governor Noem have confirmed that they have a frequently maintained friendly relationship – one that grew even stronger during Trump’s presidency when the former president committed to assisting Noem in bringing fireworks back to Mount Rushmore for a Fourth of July celebration.

Noem is said to have an advantage due to her record of working with Trump while governor, as well as her national appeal and popularity in South Dakota.

“The list of potential VP picks is quite long, and frankly, at the moment, the president isn’t focused on this” a source close to Trump told it Washington Examiner. Other possibilities are being discussed among the president’s staff, and according to the source, Trump enjoys watching potential running mates trying to prove their support for him.

According to people with direct knowledge of the situation, Noem would accept the offer of being Trump’s right-hand woman in a heartbeat. She has notably maintained an air of silence on the subject, with her main focus being to get South Dakotans back to work.

To solidify and solidify their rapport, Noem has extended an invitation to the former president for him to partake in a Monumental Leaders rally in Rapid City on September 8th – an event that could founder more discussions on who Trump should choose to run beside him come 2024.

Noem has strong connections to the GOP, and the entire godad delegation for South Dakota – Tim Scott, John Thune, and Mike Rounds – has much Trump’s opponent in the presidential primary.

However, speculation over Noem’s invitation onto the 2024 ticket with Trump is still uncertain, as a source close to Trump says that the former president is focused more on his legal trouble and being indicted than on VP picks.

Still, with her growing national presence, it’s likely that TheEye will be watching for any changes in Noem’s role come time for the next election. Will she end up being side-by-side with Trump? Time will surely tell.

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