State Department Gives Scary Update In Hostage Situation

In the wake of the brutal attack by Hamas terrorists on October 7, more and more horrific details about the massacre are emerging. One particularly disturbing revelation is that Hamas may have used sexual violence as a weapon of war against their Israeli hostages, particularly women and young girls.

This shocking information came to light after the State Department spokesman, Matthew Miller, revealed that Hamas has ended negotiations for releasing more hostages due to their fear that the women will speak out about the unspeakable horrors they endured while in captivity.

According to Miller, one of the main reasons why Hamas is refusing to release female hostages is because they do not want them to reveal the brutal treatment they received while in captivity. In addition to this, Miller stated that there is very little that he would put beyond Hamas when it comes to their treatment of civilians, especially women. This statement is supported by the reports and eyewitness accounts from Israeli officials, who describe a scene of extreme sexual violence and sadism that occurred during the October 7 attack.

Israeli Police Chief Kobi Shabtai described the atrocities committed by Hamas as they “cut limbs and genitals, raped, and abused corpses.” The violence was not limited to adult women, as there are reports of young girls and grandmothers being subjected to the same brutality. Eyewitnesses also revealed that some of the women were gang-raped by multiple terrorists, with some being shot and killed “while inside her.”

One particular incident that has left the world reeling is the gang rape of a woman by eight to ten terrorists. According to witnesses, the woman was begging for them to stop and to just kill her instead. When the perpetrators were finished, they were reportedly laughing, and the last terrorist shot her in the head. These heinous actions have left many wondering how any group could commit such unspeakable acts.

The fact that Hamas has been deliberately targeting women with these brutal attacks has raised concerns about their motives and tactics. Experts suggest that these attacks were premeditated, with the intent to use sexual violence as a weapon of war. This is a disturbing realization and highlights the level of savagery that Hamas is capable of.

Despite the horrific nature of these crimes, many organizations that claim to be advocates for women’s rights have remained silent. When asked about condemning Hamas for their actions, Rep. Pramila Jayapal responded by stating that we need to be “balanced” and not bring up the outrages against Palestinians. This response has been met with outrage and disbelief, as it downplays the severity of the situation and ignores the suffering of the victims.

In the face of such barbaric acts, it is imperative that we condemn Hamas for their crimes and stand in support of the victims. The use of sexual violence as a weapon of war cannot be tolerated, and those responsible must be held accountable for their actions. It is our duty to shine a light on these atrocities and demand justice for the innocent victims who have suffered at the hands of Hamas.

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