Romney Mocked After Tone Deaf Video

Wednesday marked National Hot Dog Day, and Mitt Romney, the Republican Senator from Utah, celebrated in a peculiar fashion.

The Utah Republican posted a video to Twitter of himself walking the halls of Congress while wearing a hat with a hot dog on it and carrying a real hot dog. In the video, he exclaimed that hot dogs were his favorite meat and proceeded to extoll the virtues of the humble sausage, toasting those who celebrated National Hot Dog Day.

Unsurprisingly, his strange tribute to everyone’s favorite summer treat was met with bemusement and mirth from social media users. Conservative pundit, Charlie Kirk mocked the video, tweeting, “Dems indict their top political rival for a 3rd time. We’re on the precipice of WW3. The FBI is weaponized against conservatives. Joe Biden is alleged to have sold out America. Mitt Romney: ‘I love hot dogs. I love them in buns. I love them outside of buns.’”

It seems that Romney was indeed just having a little fun torment of National Hot Dog Day. After all, it is estimated that Americans spend over $8 billion on hot dogs and sausages every year. Moreover, it has been estimated that about 38% of these purchases occur between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Clearly, the beloved hot dog is a perennial summer favorite.

With his mocking of the Senator’s lighthearted tribute to hot dogs, Riverton, Utah, Mayor Trent Staggs, Romney’s Republican challenger for his Utah Senate seat, tweeted “Mitt Romney’s go-to is silence. On sending troops to Ukraine? Silence. On continued weaponization of the justice department? Silence. We’re thrilled to at least know where he stands on hot dogs, though.”

In all, Romney’s jocular celebration of National Hot Dog Day was received overwhelmingly positively on social media, with some becoming quite popular. The video was seen over 3 million times, and it seems that Romney’s fans were as amused by the mockery of his critics as they were by his tribute to the popular meat snack.

For National Hot Dog Day, Senator Romney just wanted to spread his love for the summer treat. While his critics laughed and mocked the Utah Republican’s video, it seems that most social media users can appreciate how much the Senator loves hot dogs.

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