Rep. Tlaib Caught Giving Secret Pep Talk For Summer Chaos

Residents of the United States woke up to a smoky haze caused by widespread Canadian wildfires this past week, reminding people of the urgency of global warming and the need for immediate action. According to, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is urging climate activists to ‘be much more aggressive’ in their fight against the looming global crisis.

At a private gathering of 125 hardliners from “Climate Defiance, Declare Emergency” and other environmental groups, Congresswoman Tlaib advocated for “direct action” if current policies fail to cut emissions. The group’s aim is for President Joe Biden to declare a climate crisis and use his powers to drastically reduce the emissions of planet-heating gases, which are closely linked to weather events such as storms, flooding, and droughts. Environmental activist filmmaker Adam McKay pledged a generous contribution of $100,000 to fund climate activism in the US.

Despite the urgency of the climate crisis, Americans are still divided on how to proceed. While 31 percent of Americans believe moving to renewable energy sources should be a priority, two-thirds would prefer to continue the use of fossil fuels alongside cleaner alternatives.

Not everyone agrees that the use of civil disobedience to draw attention to the crisis is the right approach. Groups such as Extinction Rebellion, who staged a protest in London back in 2019 and caused millions of dollars of losses in the process, have met some controversy. The protest resulted in the blocking of US highways, the vandalism of artwork in Washington, and heckling of politicians at speaking engagements.

The FBI and other departments have not commented on this matter.

The proponents of hard-line activism argue that the government needs to be pushed to enact effective policies that tackle climate change, while opponents contend that these measures are overzealous and disruptive – not to mention, potentially illegal.

As the climate crisis continues to threaten human development, it remains important for people to stand up for the cause and recognize that the fight against global warming is a collective effort. The only way to make sure that our planet is safe and secure for future generations is to continue raising awareness, staying informed, and engaging in meaningful conversations regarding climate change.

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