Puff Piece On Biden Ends Up Turning The Tables On Him

If you follow news related to the Biden administration closely, then you’ve probably heard that the 46th President of the United States isn’t the easiest person to work with—in fact, some of his staff members have noted his abrasive, demanding attitude.

Reports recently released by New York Magazine’s “Intelligencer” feature confirm the worst criticisms of Joe Biden’s difficult working style. Despite maintaining a generally fawning tone in its assessment of the leader of the free world, the article noted several troubling details about Biden’s management style.

According to the report, President Biden makes Vice President Kamala Harris sit through self-congratulatory slideshows every week. The story adds that the once-weekly lunches the two attend have become less frequent as time goes on—it’s unclear whether this is due to Harris’s lack of enthusiasm for the presentations or Biden’s growing intolerance for her presence.

The feature also revealed that Biden “eats like a child,” hides a television in the Oval Office, and can’t discuss whether or not he uses a Peloton—ostensibly due to security concerns. These details—while harmless in and of themselves—paint a picture of an older man who is still somewhat childlike in his habits.

More worrisome, however, are stories implying that Biden isn’t the most civil of supervisors. Indeed, the New York Times reported that the president has a “short fuse and an obsession with details,” and a tendency to “second-guess himself and others” before coming to a decision. Not surprisingly, the article even claims that he sometimes lashes out in anger at those who disagree with him—which hardly paints a portrait of a leader capable of maintaining peace and respect for those competing viewpoints.

That’s not to say that Joe Biden is without his endearing traits. As the Intelligencer article makes clear, the president loves spending time with his family, enjoys talking with them via text message, and makes time for indulging in his tasty favorite food—ice cream.

But the persistent criticisms of his working manner still stand. From the way he makes Vice President Harris sit through the slideshow from their outings to his apparent tendency to get snippy with those who don’t agree with him, it’s clear that President Biden is not a particularly decent boss.

It’s time for the Biden administration to start taking accountability for its leader’s attitude. This isn’t the behavior you’d expect from the leader of the free world, and it must be addressed if Biden is to be successful in unifying the nation.

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