Now You Can Get a Years Worth Flights for Only $599

Frontier Airlines has announced a new, one-year unlimited flight pass for just $599. This is perfect if you’re looking to explore your home country of Canada in detail!

The only downside? It’s not available anywhere outside the United States–so set that bucket list trip elsewhere before this deal expires too soon.

With one catch, you can book flights the day before travel for domestic journeys and 10 days before international travels. There are also blackout periods around holiday seasons when it’s impossible to get a seat on any plane!

But don’t worry-last seat availability isn’t guaranteed so if your plans change at last minute then just go with what works best in terms of pricing/timing etc.

Here is a list of blackout dates during which passes won’t work and travelers will have to pay full price for the flight. Mainly occurring around holidays, these include July 1-5; Nov 24-27 Dec 22 & 23 as well as other occasional spurts in between those periods where they occur more frequently than not too!

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