Jamie Foxx Apologies After Plowing Into Another Controversy

Hollywood star Jamie Foxx is apologizing to the Jewish community after a social media post that left some feeling targeted.

On Saturday, Foxx posted to his Instagram stories that “they killed this dude named Jesus. What do you think they’ll do to you???” The hashtags “#fakefriends” and “#fakelove” were also used.

Immediately, there was speculation that his words could be interpreted as anti-Semitic, and Foxx admitted that his words “caused offense” and that he did not mean to offend anyone.

He explained that he felt betrayed “by a fake friend,” and that “they”—which was meant to refer to the anonymous acquaintance—“killed” Jesus was a metaphor for the lies and broken promises made by the fake friend.

In addition, Friends star Jennifer Aniston was also dragged into the situation after a screenshot appeared to show that she had “liked” Foxx’s original post.

Aniston took to Instagram stories to express her disgust with the situation and clarified that she had not intentionally or accidentally liked the post, and stressed her support for the fight against anti-Semitism, and hate of any kind.

Foxx’s post comes after months of speculation while the actor mysterious health scare, which had his fans worried, last month.

He announced that he was doing better and credited God with helping him to recover.

“I feel really good. I thank God for being able to get me through it. All I can do is lean on Him and I did,” he said in an interview.

Although Foxx may have not meant for his words to be interpreted the way that they were, he was quick to apologize for any pain his post might cause.

He clarified that the post was about his own personal experiences and said “This was never my intent.” It is unclear what led to Foxx’s health scare, but his apology seems to have put an end to the controversy surrounding his social media post.

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