Holiday Numbers Are Bad News For Bud Light

The ongoing Bud Light boycott sparked by its partnership with TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney has not only put a noticeable dent in AnheuserBuschs (AB) bank account but has also impacted those in the companys distribution network.

For seven straight weeks, sales of Bud Light have fallen off a cliff, with sales figures dropping as much as 60 percent during the week of Memorial Day. The product endorsement AB gave Mulvaney resulted in enormous public backlash with millions of dollars being shaved off the companys market value.

But the financial blow isnt just having a trickledown effectits having a trickleup effect as well.

According to ABC News, the brunt of this financial hit is the thousands of salespeople employed by the rough 500 independent wholesalers that are responsible for selling AnheuserBusch products in restaurants, bars, and grocery stores across the US.

Anson Frericks, a former AnheuserBush executive, says that salespeople typically make around $60,000 per year, with a good portion of that being variable pay or commission. But thanks to the Bud Light boycott, many are reporting far less than theyve made in recent years.

An anonymous supervisor from a Floridabased distributor spoke to ABC about the average salesperson making around $2,000 less last month than in previous Mays.

This financial hit didnt go unnoticed by AnheuserBusch and InBev CEO, Michel Doukeris. During an earnings call last month, he acknowledged the pain felt byfrontline workers, including delivery drivers and sales reps.

He also said that AB provided a bit of financial aid to those affected, dispersing $500 to frontline workers at the independent distributors, along with additional ad spending money for the month of May.

But these measures have done little to improve Bud Lights sliding sales figures. According to figures from Bump Williams Consultancy, US sales of Bud Light have dropped by as much as 20 percent each week for the past several weeks.

Harry Schumacher, editor of Beer Business Daily, said the industry is in shock over the sheer magnitude of the decline in sales. He said even ABs competitors arent really celebrating the good news because they know it couldve happened to them.

Its unclear when, if ever, sales of Bud Light will start increasing again. Until then, the only thing certain is that the thousands of salespeople employed by ABs independent wholesalers will continue to feel the brunt of the Bud Light boycott in their wallets.

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