‘HAZMAT’ Situation At White House Leads To A Discovery That Biden Is NOT Going To Want To Talk About

Residents of Washington DC were left in shock as a series of explosive devices and a bag of cocaine were found in two separate incidents on Sunday.

The events began early Sunday morning when three businesses in the northeast of Washington DC were damaged with what police term asMolotovcocktailtype devices“. Unfortunately, no one was injured in the blasts and the suspect has yet to be apprehended.

Later that day, the United States Secret Service was called to investigate an unknown item found on the White House grounds. As a precaution, the White House grounds were evacuated and, according to a Secret Service spokesperson, the DC Fire Departments Hazmat team responded.

The item was deemednonhazardous after being tested by DC Emergency Medical officials, revealing that it was cocaine hydrochloride. This is the technical name for cocaine, also known asa bag of coke“.

Though it was initially speculated that the cocaine might be a medical product, such as a nasal spray, this claim was quickly shot down. Two FDAapproved products, Numbrino and Goprelto, are nasal sprays that may create effects similar to cocaine although, as the Drug Enforcement Administration revealed in a recent fact sheet, they are rarely used due to othermore effective products now being on the market.

Confusion remains between both incidents as no link has yet been established between them. Residents of Washington DC await further news as to what will happen next. The Secret Service has not commented further on the cocaine and the DC Police Department is still asking the public to help identify the perpetrator of the explosive incidents.

The White House grounds have since reopened and it continues to operate as normal. For now, residents of Washington DC can remain cautiously optimistic that this weekend has seen all the criminal activity that there will be.

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