Even Travis Kelce Seems To Be Fed Up With What The NFL Is Doing

Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce has expressed his opinion on the NFL’s recent obsession with pop superstar Taylor Swift. During his weekly podcast “New Heights,” co-hosted with his brother and Philadelphia Eagles player Jason Kelce, the two-time Super Bowl champ addressed the league’s constant coverage of Swift at recent Chiefs games.

Kelce acknowledged that it can be “fun” for fans to see who is in attendance at NFL games, but he also believes that the league is “overdoing it” when it comes to Swift. The pop icon has been spotted at Chiefs games against the Chicago Bears and New York Jets, with the NFL seemingly capturing her every move.

Kelce’s brother Jason joined in on the conversation, stating that the NFL is not used to having celebrities attend their games, which is likely why they are highlighting Swift’s presence so extensively. However, Jason also believes that the league should take a page from basketball and only show the stars a few times, rather than constantly throughout the game.

Travis went on to express his belief that stars like Swift are not attending NFL games to be featured on TV, but rather to simply enjoy the game. “People are there to watch the game, right?” he stated, adding that the constant coverage could potentially catch a celebrity in an embarrassing moment.

After the Chiefs’ recent win against the Jets, the NFL changed its Instagram bio to “Chiefs are 2-0 as swifties,” which was met with criticism from those who believe the league is focusing too much on Swift’s presence rather than the game itself.

It is clear that Kelce’s opinion is shared by many, as the NFL’s excessive coverage of Swift has been met with backlash from fans. While it can be exciting to see celebrities attending sporting events, the focus should still be on the game itself.

In the end, Kelce and his brother Jason agree that the NFL needs to find a balance when it comes to showcasing celebrity attendees. While it can be entertaining for fans to see who is in the stands, the league should remember that the main event is the game itself.

As the NFL continues to navigate its way through the ongoing pandemic and limited attendance at games, it is important for the league to stay focused on providing a quality viewing experience for all fans. This includes finding a balance when it comes to featuring celebrities, rather than overwhelming viewers with constant coverage.

At the end of the day, the NFL should prioritize the game and its players, rather than celebrity sightings. As Kelce stated, “People are there to watch the game.” And it’s important for the league to remember that and not let Swift’s presence overshadow the action on the field.

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