Country Music Star Warns Fan, Woman Gets Kicked Out Of Concert

Country music sensation Zach Bryan added to the reason why a fan got kicked out of one of his concerts.

On Friday night, the 27-year-old star revealed why the fan had been kicked out of the Albany, New York show. On social media, Bryan explained that his beloved guitar had been the motivator behind the security teams quick action.

The one in my hands when this happened was mine, my sweet ol gal, weve been everywhere together and written every song in the last few years together, Bryan explained on Twitter.Took it personal, but nothing against whoever wound up getting kicked out.

Bryan, who began his successful music career while serving in the Navy, took an even bolder stance over his personal instrument. He warned that anyone making a move to take his guitar out of his hands would get a swift response from his crew.

I dont mind people being respectful and trying to touch me or the guitar, but if you try to rip it out of my hands I promise Ill rip you out of whatever venue were at, respectfully, of course, he tweeted.

BryansBurn, Burn, Burn tour has officially kicked off and will continue through October, when he will appear at a music festival in College Station, Texas.

The singer, who released his debut albumDeAnn in 2019 and followed it up with the Billboard Country charttoppingAmerican Heartbreak in 2022, also dropped a bombshell on social media, shortly after the incident. He revealed that his fiveyear relationship with Debra Peifer had recently ended.

For transparency and with respect I am letting everyone know Debra and me went our separate ways about a week and a half ago, he wrote in a tweet.

He also made sure to set the record straight after he was asked why he played the songAll The Time during the Albany show.

I got hundreds of dms of people asking me to play it and it was about time I did it, he concluded.

As Bryan continues to bring people together with his country tunes, it is clear why his fans are so passionate about him and his music. Just like his guitar, he seems to be dedicated to deterring any attempts to cross boundaries with his personal life or his instrument.

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