CGI Preps For Big Donations

The 2023 Clinton Global Initiative hopes to put the controversial organization’s past behind it, as it is set to welcome marquee names such as Hollywood stars Orlando Bloom and Matt Damon to its plan for world betterment.

Former President Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and Clinton Foundation Vice Chair Chelsea Clinton announced Monday the CGI’s 2023 conference, noting it will “address climate change, health care issues, gender-based violence, the war in Ukraine and a host of other issues.”

Notably, the CGI 2023 is set to bring together government leaders like World Bank President Ajay Banga, Prime Minister of The Bahamas Philip E. Davis, and members of the U.S. government like Governors Maura Healey from Massachusetts, Kathy Hochul from New York, Wes Moore from Maryland, J.B. Pritzker from Illinois, and Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona. Hollywood celebrities, directors, models, and activists will also attend.

The CGI comes from a long-held and controversial tradition, notably having its inception on a private plane flight to Davos. Thereafter, the CGI has faced heavy criticism and suspicion over its finances as allegations arose claiming the Clinton Foundation solicited millions of dollars in donations from foreign governments and corporations to enjoy favorable treatment while Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State.

Breitbart News’ Peter Schweizer further detailed the problem in his book Clinton Cash, noting the issue of a “worldwide nexus of shady deal-making” between Clinton Foundation donors, their impact, and link to the Clinton Global Initiative.

Now though, the CGI aims to start anew, and Bill Clinton is confident the meeting will be a success.

“Every day, billions of people around the world, even in the face of the most dire circumstances, make a profound decision to choose hope and keep going,” the former president told the Associated Press in an emailed statement. “At CGI, we’re focusing on how to move forward in the face of daunting challenges—to act now, find new partners, and stick with it to make a positive difference in people’s lives.”

The CGI also follows an announcement from the former president’s center that it plans to expand and add a Hillary Rodham Clinton Institute, which will hold Hillary’s personal archives from her time as first lady.

Given the star-studded list of attendees and the CGI’s aim to make a difference, all eyes will be on the organization’s 2023 meeting, though it is likely the scandalous past of the Clinton Global Initiative will still hang over the proceedings.

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