Biden’s Ground Zero Remarks Further Criticized

In incredibly awkward circumstances, Joe Biden made a false claim about attending Ground Zero in New York City the day after the 9/11 attacks. This statement was made on Monday during his 9/11 remarks in Alaska.

Not only was Biden not at Ground Zero the day after the attack, but he was not even in New York. In fact, he was in Washington, an assertion which is easily proven by his autobiography which noted him being in the District during that time.

So why would he make up such a fantastic and untrue story? One potential reason may be to cover his presence in Vietnam, which included smiling under a bust of Ho Chi Minh and going to a Vietnamese monument to the capture of John McCain.

The other potentially more likely reason may be related to the ‘Gates Of Hell’ line that Hillary Clinton used at the DNC Convention in 2004. Clinton was actually present at Ground Zero the day after the attack. Her speech said:

“I saw first-hand the devastation of 9/11. I visited Ground Zero right after we were attacked. I felt like I was standing at the Gates of Hell. I hope no American ever has to witness a sight like that again. That tragedy changed all of us. I know it changed me.”

Biden’s story of being there the next day does not match these facts.

Questions about this incident have been posed to National Security Council Spokesperson John Kirby. But Kirby has thus far managed to get away with giving vague answers which announced that Biden was at Ground Zero a “little earlier” than he actually was, giving a totally different impression.

This is not terribly surprising, as Biden has a long history of plagiarism. As recently as last week, there were several accounts of Biden stealing words from people. Most famously, in 1988 he had to drop out of the presidential race after it was discovered that he had stolen words from British politician Neil Kinnock.

This incident can easily be added to the list of Biden’s plagiarisms. Although there’s no way to fully know whether he was intentionally trying to imitate Hillary’s ‘Gates of Hell’ description or not, what isn’t in doubt is the fact that he wasn’t there the day after the attack as he falsely claimed, no matter how hard Kirby tries to spin it.

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