Biden Just Destroyed His Own Defense Against Whistleblower – WATCH

President Joe Biden was confronted by reporters Wednesday with an explosive allegation, that he was present during a shady exchange between his son, Hunter Biden, and a Chinese official.

President Biden had no time for the questions, however, and instead shot down the claims by shouting at reporters. The exchange was concerning a leaked WhatsApp message between Hunter Biden and a Chinese official, which detailed Hunter warning the official that if he does not receive a return on his investment, he willregret it and his father will be involved.

The message, obtained by whistleblower IRS Eric Schmitz, appeared to show Hunter Biden threatening the official by saying he wassitting here with my father and would use his fathers power to exact revenge if he was not paid. The president has since denied being in the room, but the White House communications staff had previously avoided answering the question. When asked, they only referenced a statement from White House Counsel that generalized about the president and his son not beingin business together.

This is not the only suspicious exchange the Bidens have been involved in. Another message, also obtained by the IRS Whistleblower, detailed Hunter Biden mentioning that theBidens were in a partnership with the Chinese.

The incredible web of shell corporations and financial investments that both Bidens have been associated with raises serious red flags, as investigators look to answer the remaining questions of where the money from the Chinese partnership ended up. It appears that Hunter Biden benefited greatly from the shady exchanges, due to his lucrative sweetheart deals regarding tax crimes, gun crimes, and other offenses he was not charged for; leaving little chance that he would testify against his father.

The American people deserve answers, and the story is far from over for the Biden family. As the investigation continues, it looks to be a long road for the current President of the United States and his family.

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