Biden Does It Again! Expands On Ludicrous Rail Claim – WATCH

President Joe Biden‘s transportation goal has been making quite a splash ever since he unveiled it this week.

He told a crowd at a League of Conservation Voters event yesterday evening that his administration has plans to build a railway from the Pacific Ocean across the Indian Ocean.

This proposed railway, as Biden suggested it, would be colossal in scope. Spanning more than 5,000 miles should it cross two oceans and multiple nations, the railway would mean immense economic and political gains.

Joe Biden also made an interesting statement while discussing plans for Angola to build one of the largest solar plants in the world.

I can go on, but Im not,” Biden said.Im going offscript. Im going to get in trouble.”

Though Biden has suggested the grand railroad proposal, as of yet no details have come out regarding the specifics of how this could play out or even if such a proposal is feasible.

This isn‘t the first time Biden has talked about the conceptual railway. Last week in a press conference with U.K. prime minister Rishi Sunak, Biden almost mentioned the two oceans spanning railway yet changed his phrasing at the last second to simplyAtlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean“.

Considering Biden‘s age, this has many people concerned. The now 78-year-old President has been known to misspeak during important events or in this case, start to speak improperly and catch himself.

When he misspeaks, he could cause major issues with regard to foreign policy and the economic policies of other countries. Given that the majority of the Democrats don‘t want Biden to run for reelection, such frequent flubs are concerning.

While the railway plan proposed by Biden does sound audacious and could have major implications, it seems at this moment to be just a passing thought or something Biden heard on the news and mentioned offhandedly in his speech.

Time will tell if the railway proposal from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean ever gains any legs and if Biden‘s age ever becomes a severe issue with regard to his job performance. Until then, Biden is certainly keeping his audience on their toes as always!

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