Biden Declares War On Home Dishwashers

The Biden administration is continuing its war on home appliances and is now targeting dishwashers.

The Department of Energy has proposed new regulations that would limit dishwashers from only using 3.2 gallons of water – the current is 5 gallons – and energy consumption would be forced to nearly 30%.

But they aren’t the only appliance on the chopping block, Biden is planning on going after refrigerators as well.

From Fox News:

The proposal would limit dishwashers to using 3.2 gallons of water per cycle, far below the current federal limit of 5 gallons. The rules would also require manufacturers to reduce their products’ energy consumption by nearly 30%.

Most dishwashers on the market are already well below the federal standard of 5 gallons, with most using 3.5 gallons per cycle or less.

Dishwashers are not the only appliances Biden’s DOE has set its sights on, however, as the regulator is also considering crackdowns on washers, dryers and refrigerators that manufacturers say could reduce performance.

“Collectively these energy efficiency actions … support President Biden’s ambitious clean energy agenda to combat the climate crisis,” the DOE wrote earlier this year.

Just a few months ago Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer wrote, “Nobody is taking away your gas stove. Shameless and desperate MAGA Republicans are showing us they will cook up any distraction to divert from real issues the American people want solved, like the debt ceiling.”

New York state just passed a law taking away gas stoves. Additionally, 11 Democratic attorney generals are demanding that Biden regulate gas stoves.

“The emissions from gas stoves pose severe health risks, especially for sensitive groups and underserved communities” a letter, led by Washington, D.C., attorney general Brian Schwalb, said.

“District residents are entitled to carry out everyday tasks like cooking without risk to their health and well-being,” AG Schwalb added. “Gas stoves emit air pollutants that put people – particularly children – at risk of asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Along with other State AGs, I urge the CPSC to develop uniform performance and ventilation standards for gas stoves and to increase consumer awareness about the health risks these appliances pose.”

Advocacy groups are also demanding that Biden use swap the term “natural gas” for “fossil gas” or “methane gas.”


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