AOC Gets Heckled Off Stage- WATCH

At a town hall in Queens, NY, Rep. Alexandria OcasioCortez (DNY) was loudly booed off stage by attendees who were frustrated with her positions on major issues facing the nation, such as the looming debt ceiling, border crisis, and the millions of dollars being sent to Ukraine.

The hecklers shouted several times, one even saying,American citizens before migrants as they held small American flags. Another person yelledlegally when someone in the crowd tried to defend AOC.

AOC has been a longtime advocate for illegal immigration, leading to many criticisms about her policies. On multiple occasions, AOC accused the Trump Administration of housing illegal aliens in socalledconcentration camps at the border, something the Trump Administration has strongly denied.

Furthermore, attendees held signs readingAOC: an obvious criminal andAOC: Stop pushing drag queen story hour. Another person asked what the US could do to stop the war with Russia, alongside the Biden administration sending over $40 billion of military aid to Ukraine since late February 2022.

In response, security had to intervene and remove the hecklers, one of which shoutedfreedom of speech!

When asked to comment on the incident, the OcasioCortez campaign declined but sent out a press release saying:We are committed to having an open conversation on immigration and all other topics so that we can move towards a better America.

The incident highlights the growing divide among the American people on topics such as immigration and spending. As Congress looks to reach a deal on the debt ceiling, expect this divide to become more contentious, especially in towns like Queens, which are strongly Liberal strongholds.

Overall, its clear the town hall didnt go as well as AOC had planned. While her policies continue to be debated, its clear AOC has work to do if she is to find common ground with her detractors.

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