Trans Rights Activists Inside Amazon Took To Seattle For Pride March

A tide of demonstrators moved their way down Seattle’s 4th Avenue decked out in colorful outfits for the first time in over three years for Seattle’s Pride Parade due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following behind the tide of floats and rainbow flags strolled a group of over two dozen workers from Amazon that were toting a massive banner that stated, “No Hate at Amazon.” That just happened to be the name of one activist group situated in the Seattle-based e-commerce titan. A few of these Amazon demonstrators even wrapped themselves in Transgender Pride flags, sported platform boots, and were going down the road with a boom box playing dance music.

The group is protesting the company’s sale of various books that they think are harmful to transgender kids. One spokesperson for the group in attendance at the march refused all interviews and pointed all inquiries to their website for the complete list of their demands and complaints surrounding Amazon.

No Hate at Amazon slings accusations at the industry titan of allegedly “spreading a culture of hatred through the sale of transphobic books, promoting and profiting off content that advocates for the abuse of transgender children.”

Near the start of this month, a few employees from Amazon Seattle held a protest at the Pride Flag raising ceremony for the company because of their anger over the continued sale of what they deem to be “transphobic” books, such as “Irreversible Damage” by Abigail Shrier, and “Johnny the Walrus” by Matt Walsh.

The protesting group stated that the entire Pride Flag raising event was just some “PR stunt” and was “blatant rainbow-washing” while the e-commerce company went on to sell “content that aids and encourages the psychological abuse of transgender children.”

As reported by the Washington Post, Amazon chose previously to stop selling one book, “When Harry Became Sally.” back in March of 2021 due to it labeling “LGBTQ+ identity as a mental illness.”

Reports from Bloomberg state that well over 600 employees have taken time to sign the petition seeking to get the books taken down and a group of around 20 have chosen to leave the company because of the continued sale of the books they claim lie about what it actually means to be transgender. Quite a few other transgender employees have stated their intent to quit once they have finished their gender-affirming treatments, a personal and very complex process that can be spread over multiple years and could be halted by the swapping of jobs or insurance packages, stated one such person who has chosen to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation.

Quite a few months ago, Seattle Pride chose to drop Amazon as one of its corporate sponsors, claiming that the company supports groups and lawmakers that throw support behind anti-LGBTQ bills.

“We respect that many people care deeply about this topic, and we remain committed to providing an inclusive work environment for all of our 1.6 million employees,” stated Maggie Sivon, a spokesman for Amazon, via an email to Bloomberg. “As a company, we believe strongly in diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a bookseller, we’ve chosen to offer a very broad range of viewpoints, including books that conflict with our company’s stated positions. We believe that it’s possible to do both—to offer a broad range of viewpoints in our bookstore, and to stand behind our values as a company. When reviewing a book against our content guidelines, we consider the specific content of that book and we invest significant time and resources to ensure our guidelines are applied as consistently as possible.”


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