Russian Propaganda Agreement With China Comes To Light

Documents found inside of hacked emails coming from one Russian media broadcaster has unveiled that both China and Russia have officially signed agreements to work together in creating propaganda that will try and counter information throughout the free Western world.

It was stated by the Intercept that a notable example can be spotted in the quick adoption from china of Russia’s fully debunked claims that the U.S. was funneling money into a bioweapons program in Ukraine.

“Documents found in a trove of hacked emails from Russia state broadcaster VGTRK show that China and Russia have pledged to join forces in media content by inking cooperation agreements at the ministerial level,” the report claimed. The hack took place directly after Russia chose to launch its full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Reportedly, the agreement that was officially signed back in July 2021 between the two countries, which both utilize state-owned news organizations. One independent Russian-speaking newsgroup stated back in 2020 about “the existence of such propaganda agreements,” stated the report.

“This is a master document of cooperation on media between the countries,” explained the director of China Media Project, David Bandurski, which is an independent group that looking into Chinese-language media. “The document allows us to see the process behind the scenes of how cooperation is planned and discussed by these particular ministries.”

The agreements show that a pair of countries have pledged to highlight each other to their respective domestic audiences and reach further to those overseas.

“What possible real interest can Russian audiences have in a photography exhibition to celebrate the CCP’s centennial?” stated Bandurski. “What the Chinese government seems to be doing here is throwing a bunch of external propaganda products onto a giant wish list, hoping that Russia will help it tell its story.”

The report claimed that China currently has the strong upper hand regarding the deal struck between the pair, explained a Russian-based source to the publication.

“The Chinese control all the big projects,” the source explained to The Intercept. “So far, they haven’t even figured out some basic issues like broadcasting our channels on Chinese cable.”


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