Recent Announcement From National Archives Has Biden’s White House Worried

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has expressed its intent to make public multiple hundreds of emails making reference to Hunter Biden and his international business dealings unless direct interference from the White House takes place.

Susan Donius, an executive with NARA, issued a letter to the White House near the end of last month expressing a warning that the records agency is making ready to release numerous emails in response to a request for open records unless Biden and his White House actively intervene. The emails are from all the way back in 2014 when President Joe Biden was still actively serving under former President Barack Obama as the nation’s vice president.

The legal teams for both men have been told and issued a period of 60 days to claim privilege over any of the currently slated to be released information which would go along with the Presidential Records Act, as expressed by Insider, which first issued the report highlighting the sending of the letter from NARA.

The letter makes reference to a series of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. One of which was directly focused on records in relation president’s son Hunter and brother James with regard to their various international business deals. NARA is making ready to make public a suite of 185 emails in total and 75 additional emails with minor redactions in response to the FOIA requests.

“The Biden Vice Presidential records to be opened are email messages from May 2014 to December 2014 that include the company name ‘Burisma,’” explained a summary of the FOIA request.

“Several of the email messages are press inquiries regarding the announcement of Hunter Biden joining the board of directors of Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings Limited in May 2014 and the Office of Vice President’s responses to those inquiries. There are also email messages containing news articles compiled by White House staff which include articles referencing Hunter Biden and his role with Burisma,” it read.

Back in 2014, despite not having any sort of experience at all in the energy sector, Hunter Biden managed to secure a position on the board for Burisma. He ended up raking in close to $84,000 per month to hold the position. His work for the company sparked extreme speculation that Burisma pulled Biden’s son s a means to curry favor with the Obama Administration. At that time, then-Vice President Biden was responsible for the Ukraine policy for the Obama administration.

As part of an interview from 2019, Hunter Biden claimed that his role as a member of the Biden family has most likely let him have access to a large number of op[portunities he most likely would not have had access to otherwise. He went on to state in a memoir released in 2021 titled “Beautiful Things” that he did absolutely nothing wrong when he took the job at Burisma, but the trouble it ended up sparking for his family, especially his father, was not worth it at all.

“Did I make a mistake by taking a seat on the board of a Ukrainian gas company? No. Did I display a lack of judgment? No. Would I do it again? No. I did nothing unethical,” he explained in the book.



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