Plan To Defend Fauci Against Ongoing Criticism Blows Up In Face Of Ex-CIA Chief

John Brennan, the former Director of the CIA, managed to anger the internet when he tried to stand in defense of Dr. Anthony Fauci in the wake of a late-night jab on social media from the new CEO of Twitter, Elon musk.

In the wake of a cryptic announcement from Musk, in which he claimed his pronouns are “Prosecute/Fauci,” Brennan jumped to the defense of the former (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious) NIAID Director, labeling him “a national hero.”

“Dr. Fauci is a national hero who will be remembered for generations to come for his innate goodness & many contributions to public health,” stated Brennan in a tweet.

He then chose to step up to the plate to take his own jab as Elon Musk, stating, “Despite your business success, you will be remembered most for fueling hate & public divisions. You may have money, but you have no class.”

A number of vocal critics went after Brennan, making arguments that he was both wrong about Fauci and that his own stark lack of candor with the people of America might just disqualify his opinions.

“Dr. Fauci killed countless Americans, destroyed countless businesses, destroyed the education and daily lives of countless children, and lied repeatedly to accomplish all of that. No wonder an America-hating communist piece of garbage like @JohnBrennan thinks he’s a hero,” stated Nick Searcy, an actor, via social media.

The hose of “The Next Revolution” from Fox News, Steve Hilton, also chose to chime in, openly disputing the claim from Brennan that Fauci would be remembered for anything other than his prime-time connections to dubious research and just how that could impact the response from the federal government to the COVID pandemic.

“No, Fauci will be remembered for his demented obsession with Gain of Function research which drove him to evade Obama & Trump administration rules to commission the reckless experiments in Wuhan that are the most likely origin of the pandemic that killed millions of people,” he stated.

Brennan seemed to take a number of issues with the number of complaints, choosing to double down on his first statements after the first wave of intense backlash.

“Good people in democracies need a more effective way to prevent attention-craving, emotionally immature, & highly devious individuals, esp those of means, from being socially, culturally, & politically destructive,” he stated. “We certainly seem to have far too many of them lately.”

Additionally, Rep. Ritchie Torres, D-N.Y. chose to lash out against Musk about the very same tweet that caused the response from Brennan, stating, “Elon Musk wants to criminalize Anthony Fauci because he disagrees with him. Elon is no champion of free speech.”

However, when a very well-known and popular legal blogger from Canada, Viva Frei (@thevivafrei) chimed in to say, “Pretty sure @elonmusk wants to ‘criminalize’ Fauci because Fauci lied under oath, engaged in gain of function research in a Chinese lab, jeopardized the entire planet, and arguably contributed to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people,” Musk simply answered: “Correct.”


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