Pfizer Exec Admits To EU Legislators That COVID Vaccine Never Received Testing Regarding Blocking Transmission

As part of comments issued to European lawmakers, top executives from Pfizer officially admitted that the pharmaceutical titan never actually ran any tests to determine if the COVID vaccine actually stopped transmission and has raised entirely new questions about the global effort to push the vaccine onto large swathes of the population.

The president of international developed markets for Pfizer, Janine Small, issued this shocking admission while speaking in front of the European Union Parliament. She was questioned by Rob Roos, a European Union Member of Parliament, about if the company tested its mRNA vaccine on stopping transmission before sending it to production.

“If not, please say it clearly,” stated Roos. “If yes, are you willing to share the data with this committee? And I really want a straight answer, yes or no, and I’m looking forward to it.”

Small, who was the one responsible for testifying once Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla stated they would not attend, claimed that the company did not, at that time, have the necessary time to properly test and see if the vaccine would actually stop the spread of COVID.

“Regarding the question around, uh, did we know about stopping the immunization [sic] before it entered the market?” she stated. “No.”

She stated that no tests into that avenue had been conducted due to the world stuggling through a health crisis, and insisted that the vaccine, which Pfizer thinks will protect people from contracting the virus, or at the very least make the symptoms less deadly if they do contract the virus, had to be released rapidly. She pointed to a recent study out of the Imperial College London that stated that the vaccines could have been critical to the prevention of over 20 million COVID deaths throughout the first year. The college has received some fairly hefty criticism for its allegedly wildly inaccurate modeling, which drove lawmakers to shut down the economy of the U.K.

“We had to really move at the speed of science to really understand what is taking place in the market, and from that point of view we had to do everything at risk,” explained Small. “I think Dr. Bourla, even though he’s not here, would turn around and say to you himself, ‘If not us then who?'”

As the representative of the Netherlands, Roos later went on to share a short slip of the social media response from Small and stated that it showed that the global campaign to strongarm vaccination onto people to supposedly protect others was built entirely on a lie.

“Millions of people worldwide felt forced to get vaccinated because of the myth that ‘you do it for others’,” he stated via the video clip, which has since been seen well over eight million times. “Now this turned out to be a cheap lie. This should be exposed.”

Roos made the claim that the admission that Pfizer never actually tested its vaccination to find out if it did what it was advertised to do in preventing or slowing down the spread of the Virus shows that there was never a legitimate ground for the vaccine mandates or passports which he expressed “led to massive institutional discrimination as people lost access to essential parts of society.”

“I find this to be shocking, even criminal,” stated Roos.

Pfizer issued a report stating a revenue of over $37 billion coming from its COVID vaccine for 2021.


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