Pentagon Talks About Using Special Forces To Guard Ukraine Based Kyiv Embassy

Officials for the Pentagon have begun to talk about a plan to send in members of the U.S. Special Forces in order to guard the now reopened U.S. embassy located in Kyiv as Russia maintains its military presence after its full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

This report crops up as the White House continues to show its concern about the American diplomats in Ukraine, as reported by a recent release from The Wall Street Journal that went out on Sunday.

“We are in close touch with our colleagues at the State Department about potential security requirements now that they have resumed operations at the embassy in Kyiv,” John Kirby, the press secretary for the Pentagon, claimed in a statement.

“But no decisions have been made, and no specific proposals have been debated at senior levels of the department about the return of U.S. military members to Ukraine for that or any other purpose,” he claimed.

Currently, the U.S. embassy situated in Kyiv is being defended by Diplomatic Security Services, stated a release from the State Department.

While it is important to ensure the safety of our nation’s diplomats, many are concerned that the send of any Special Forces personnel into the country just may be seen as an escalation of America’s involvement in direct conflict with Russia.

It has been previously stated by the Biden administration that it has no intention of sending American military forces into the country. Instead, the U.S. has been helping Ukraine via the sending of humanitarian and military aid. Just last week, Congress issued their approval for another additional $40 billion support package for Ukraine.

On the other hand, the U.S. has also sent in multiple thousands of military troops into eastern Europe and Poland in order to help with Ukrainian refugees.

It was stated recently by the State Department that it had officially raised the American flag on the grounds of the U.S. embassy in the capital city of Kyiv after having to move operations just three months prior.

“Today we are officially resuming operations at the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv.  The Ukrainian people, with our security assistance, have defended their homeland in the face of Russia’s unconscionable invasion, and, as a result, the Stars and Stripes are flying over the Embassy once again,” stated Secretary of State Antony Blinken in a release that went out on Wednesday.

“We stand proudly with, and continue to support, the government and people of Ukraine as they defend their country from the Kremlin’s brutal war of aggression,” he claimed.

A pair of Republican senators asked Blinken to re-establish the embassy last month as a way to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran and Montana Sen. Steve Daines sent in their request via a letter back in April. They stated that Ukraine seems to have pushed back Russia’s attempt to take the capital.

“With Ukraine’s successful defense of Kyiv and Russia’s subsequent withdrawal of forces from the areas surrounding the capital, we encourage you to fully open the United States embassy without delay,” claimed the senators.

On the 9th of April, European Union High Representative Josep Borrell met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv to make plans to re-establish its works in Kyiv.

“With this visit, the European Union is returning back to Kyiv. I mean this literally: our Head of our Delegation is back here, so that we can work even more directly and more closely with the Ukrainian authorities,” claimed Borrell in a release.


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