Next Stop New York As DeSantis Travels Out To Campaign for Zeldin

Once again Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has taken a trip out to assist another Republican on the campaign trail. This episode follows DeSantis as he makes his way out to New York to assist Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) this past Saturday evening in his gubernatorial race efforts at a rally held on Long Island to a massive crowd.

The recent rally takes place after Zeldin himself did extremely well this past week in his debate against the incumbent Governor Kathy Hochul (D) which had led to the polls continuing to become more narrow between the pair of candidates.

This rally, which was held quite close to Zeldin’s campaign headquarters in Hauppauge, had a line that was almost half a mile long line, reported National Review senior writer Dan McLaughlin.

“Biggest rally of the NY governor’s race thus far,” Bobby Cuza, a reporter for NY1, stated via social media. “Long Island turning out for this Zeldin-DeSantis event.”

Nick Langworthy, the state chairman, set the mood for the evening quite early, explained National Review, which was that Zeldin would be “our own Ron DeSantis” for New York.

“I would say the number one thing I hear, where people get so fed up, is they are sick and tired of the crime that you see, particularly in New York City,” stated DeSantis. “Florida is a law-and-order state. I am a law-and-order governor. If Lee Zeldin gets into office, New York will become a law-and-order state.”

“I’d like to see him get in there and unleash his own energy here in the state of New York,” expressed DeSantis concerning Zeldin. “So I think this is an important choice for the state of New York. Do you want to continue down the path that you’re on — the path that’s seen you hemorrhage people, wealth, you name it. Or you want to try a different direction?”

In the wake of the event, DeSantis went to social media where he highlighted pictures from the event and encouraged people to make sure to go out and vote for Zeldin.

“NY deserves a leader who will restore law & order,” stated DeSantis via social media. “@leezeldin is the man for the job. Lee will also protect NYers against irrational & liberty-infringing COVID mandates. The Zeldin victory on Nov 8th will be a shot heard ‘round the world!”

“Just never get tired of the contrast,” one person stated via social media after the rally. “DeSantis also draws a huge crowd, but actually spends his speech promoting the candidate he is there to support and their message instead of just talking about himself and his personal political grudges.”

Zaid Jilani, a reporter with NewsNation, stated about the rally, “One way to think of this is that it’s the prologue to DeSantis campaign rallies.”

“DeSantis is so far up in his home state he’s in other states campaigning,” he went on. “That’s not about the Florida election.”


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