Medical Expert Issues Warning To Young Men Regarding The COVID Vaccine

A recent statement from a top medical expert has revealed that young men are dealing with an elevated risk of heart inflammation in the wake of getting the vaccine for COVID, which in and of itself poses very little risk to them in the first place.

Dr. Marty Makary, a professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and an oncology surgeon at the school’s affiliated hospital that was speaking on the podcast “Morning Wire,” highlighted a recently released study from Cedars Sinai which discovered a shocking 30% increase in deaths by a heart attack from adults between the ages of 24 and 44 throughout the first two years of the COVID pandemic. One possible theory stated that this uptick could be the direct result of the COVID virus itself, while another camp puts the blame on the vaccine itself. Makary stated that the evidence would lend support to the latter.

“We did not see the uptake before the vaccine was rolled out, but, young people were primarily affected around that same time as well,” he stated. “The state of Florida did their own study, looking at heart attacks after the vaccine in particular, and found that there was an 81% increase in sudden death from heart attacks in the months following the vaccine compared to baseline rates. So many people do believe that the vaccine is one of the causes of heart problems in young people.”

Despite being downplayed or outright denied by the pharmaceutical industry and the federal government at first, the vaccine has been linked increasingly to inflammation of the heart, commonly known as myocarditis. Markary stated that myocarditis seems to be the most prevalent directly after the second dose of the vaccine. He expressed that a number of areas of Europe have started to discourage the administering of the second dose to younger, healthy people, unlike the current U.S. policy.

Makary also spoke out to dispel what he has labeled as a “myth” that has been pushed widely by the medical establishment that myocarditis is far more common in the wake of a COVID infection than after the vaccine, stating that the data found does not at all support such a claim. In fact, figures indicate that a young male is close to 28 times as likely to suffer from myocarditis in the wake of getting the vaccine than after getting the disease itself, he stated.

As explained by Makary, all data seems to suggest that it could be a bad idea for younger, healthy adults, especially males, to get dosed with the vaccine. Younger males between the age of 116 and 30 sport a much high risk of myocarditis than their female counterparts by a factor of roughly nine to one.

“They have the lowest benefit from a vaccine because they are the lowest risk of any COVID complications,” stated the doctor. “We still don’t know if any young, healthy person has ever died of COVID in the United States. The CDC won’t tell us, and they’ve never broken the data down by young people who are healthy versus had a comorbidity like leukemia or an immunosuppression condition.”

Doctors on the whole still do not understand the long-term effects of the particular variety of myocarditis that is being attributed to the vaccine.

“MRIs of people’s heart three months after myocarditis from the vaccine found there were still abnormalities on those MRIs, which make people worry in the medical field, that the inflammation may resolve in some kind of scarring. That’s a general pattern and physiology we see is that after something’s inflamed, some scar tissue can set in.”

“And the concern is that could affect the conduction of the heart,” he concluded. “That is the electrical. rhythm and beat of the heart.”


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