Democrats In Hot Water Over Previous Statements After Extremist Showed Up To Kavanaugh’s Home To Kill Him

Recently, the Democrat Party has been catching flak online in the wake of a 26-year-old left-wing extremist making the trek from California in order to show up at the personal residence of conservative Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh with the alleged into on attempting to murder him.

The man in question, Nicholas John Roske, aged 26, brought with him “a black tactical chest rig and tactical knife, a Glock 17 pistol with two magazines and ammunition, pepper spray, zip ties, a hammer, screwdriver, nail punch, crow bar, pistol light, duct tape, hiking boots with padding on the outside of the soles, and other items” in order to help him carry out his prospective actions before police forces captured him, as reported by police officials.

Allegedly, the left-wing extremist was extremely angry about the leak of the abortion decision and assumed that Kavanaugh would side with how the U.S. Constitution currently reads in its protection of the “Second Amendment” rights of law-abiding Americans.

Officials with federal law enforcement stated that Roske “indicated that he had purchased the Glock pistol and other items for the purpose of breaking into the Justice’s residence and killing the Justice as well as himself.”

Roske has been slammed with a charge of attempted murder of a United States Supreme Court Justice.

The alleged attempt from Roske to murder the Justice come in the wake of various Democrat politicians calling for, or just refusing to condemn, groups of far-left activists showing up at the personal residences of the justices of the Supreme Court after the recent leak of the draft opinion concerning Roe v. Wade.

Online, there was some extreme backlash about the rhetoric that was being used by Democrats in recent days and how those statements could be construed as incitement. Many Democrats were just silent about the attempted murder of the SCOTUS Justice.

Nate Silver, a leftist statistician, tweeted out an image of the homepage for the New York Times that highlighted how the periodical obfuscated the massive news story, admitting that it was “sort of crazy that it’s not being treated as a bigger story.”

“The FBI was very clear that Brett Kavanaugh’s would-be murderer was acting to advance standard Democratic Party/liberal dogma about Roe and gun control,” shot back leftist journalist Glenn Greenwald. “He said he’d find purpose in killing Kavanaugh to advance that agenda. So of course it’s getting so little media attention.”

The Biden administration found itself under fire from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for its previous comments about the extreme-left activists doxxing and then showing up at the homes of the SCOTUS Justices.

“The Biden White House encouraged a federal crime,” stated Cruz. “It’s illegal to protest and picket outside the home of a judge with an intent to influence the judge’s decision. Now a sick individual has been charged with attempted murder of Justice Kavanaugh.”


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