CNN Reporters Inundated With Criticism After Going After DeSantis Over Hurricane

This past Wednesday evening, a pair of reporters from CNN are now being forced to sort through an extreme level of backlash for a series of underhanded shots that took at Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis for how he was managing the response from the state regarding Hurricane Ian.

Hurricane Ian crashed into the southwest region of Florida as a massive Category 4 hurricane Wednesday in the wake of more than 2 million Floridians being issued orders to evacuate. Sporting wind speeds of well over 150 mph, Hurricane Ian is now tied for the title of the fourth strongest hurricane to make landfall in the state of Florida.

Two reporters from CNN attempted to use the storm as a chance to go after DeSantis, who is now widely seen by most as the brightest future for the Republican Party.

A social media post from CNN reporter Steve Contorno stated, “As DeSantis prepares Floridians for Ian, he is urging residents to heed advice from the same local leaders he suggested they ignore during COVID and praising a federal agency he previously alleged withheld aid to the state bc Biden was playing politics.”

All while another CNN senior reporter, one Edward-Isaac Dovere, issued response to Contorno’s post by stating: “Hurricanes & politics tend to run into each other in Florida, but this time it’s with a governor who has put himself at odds with many local government officials and who has been looking for fights with a president he may end up running against… 6 weeks before Election Day.”

These tweets from the pair of CNN reporters ended up sparking extreme criticism online, including a response from Christina Pushaw, the Rapid Response Director for DeSantis, who stated: “Not everything is about politics. If you see a Cat 4+ hurricane approaching the coast of the United States and your first instinct is baseless partisan speculation, perhaps you should stop calling yourself a journalist.”

“Floridians’ lives are in danger, so of course CNN is rooting for the hurricane,” she stated.

DeSantis Press Secretary Bryan Griffin stated: “There’s no story here, but @CNN is @CNN. Of course there’s a difference between heeding local evacuation orders in an emergency and COVID lockdown overreach. The governor has been clear: this storm must be taken seriously and this is no time for politics or pettiness.”

“Your network is going bankrupt because you suck,” expressed Attorney and columnist Kurt Schlichter.

“CNN apparently hasn’t upgraded the IQ of their newsrooms,” posted radiologist Pradheep Shanker.

Joe Gabriel Simonson, a reporter for the Washington Free Beacon, stated: “None of this is in the actual piece which likely means even his editor thought it was too stupid.”

Another response came from Judge Alex Ferrer: “Ahhh. Brian Stelter was fired so someone had to be the new George Costanza at CNN.”



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