Arizona Sets Itself As The New Bar For School Choice After New Bill

Legislators in Arizona managed to push through a piece of groundbreaking legislation this past week that will allow the 1.1 million students across the state, ranging from kindergarten to high school graduation, the ability to choose which school they go to.

As set in place under the new bill, known as HB 2853, every family throughout the state would be eligible for the State’s 2011 Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program, which was first set up for disabled, military, or failing students. This program would issue grants to the tune of $6,500 in tuition per year per child for private or home school or even the learning pods that have become quite popular across the country over the past few years as a result of the COVID-19 shutdowns, mandates, and other various woke ideology.

“This legislation is the most robust expansion of educational freedom in the nation,” stated the director of education policy of Goldwater Institute who is also a staunch defender of America’s founding principles and constitutional liberties, Matt Beienburg, to the Washington Free Beacon. “It guarantees every Arizona student, whether they are coming from public school, private school, or homeschooling, the opportunity to join the ESA program and receive their share of state funding to pursue any educational opportunity that best needs their needs.”

A pioneer for the ESA program well over a decade ago, Goldwater reports that this program went from helping just over 100 students to assisting well over 10,000. The institute claims that many families end up making yearly financial sacrifices in order to deal with the expenses revolving around private school tuition or even just homeschool supplies. But it is those same families that have access to sending their kids to public schools, which would end up costing the taxpayers well over $10,000 per year regardless of income level.

Governor Doug Ducey (R) issued a challenge to lawmakers earlier this year as part of his state address to “think big” for Arizona families when it comes to their kid’s education.

“This session, let’s expand school choice any way we can, claimed Ducey.”Send me the bills, and I’ll sign them.”

This past Wednesday, he tweeted out, “In Arizona, we trust parents to make the best decisions for their children’s education.”

A senior fellow at school choice advocacy group American Federation for Children, Corey DeNaglis stated as part of an interview with Fox News the bill was “the biggest victory when it comes to school choice in U.S. history.”

“Arizona is now the gold standard for school choice, and they’ve now cemented themselves as the number one state for education freedom and supporting parental rights and education,” stated DeAngelis. “This is the way every state should do, and they should follow Governor Ducey’s lead.”

DeAngelis went on to add that many Republicans across the country seem to claim that they are the party for parents, but the Republicans in Arizona  stepped up and “proved it.”


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